Breghon Wesley, also known as DJ Bre, is the epitome of a great DJ.

DJ Bre is a Miami native, and began to grow love for music at a young age. Growing up in the 90’s, Bre was exposed to different genres of music, picked up the saxophone, and began to relate his life to the style of many genres. At the age of 13, Bre moved to Atlanta for a year, where his knowledge of music and partying grew while going to teen clubs. He knew what the people wanted to hear, and what would make the crowd move. Out of frustration, he decided he would learn how to handle a crowd himself. He began emulating the styles of DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ A-Trak. With this in mind and his love for music, he got to work.

At age 14, he had the vision of how he wanted his career to take off, and has now turned that vision into reality. At the age of 15, Breghon moved back to Miami, FL. and received his first mixer and speakers from his uncle. DJ Bre’s first gig was at a South Beach club at the age of 16. Now at the age of 24, you can find him spinning at Cafe Iguana Pines, Grand Cafe Pines and crowd favorite Rooftop Sundays in Pompano Beach, FL.

DJ Bre is currently the Tour DJ for Comedy Central comedic group “Dormtainment”, Official DJ for the Trayvon Martin Foundation and Official DJ for The Wilameana Jones Experience Show on UniverseMiami.com with Empress Raw. He is also DJ’ing at numerous venues, concerts, parties and clubs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta and New York. He is a traveling DJ. DJ Bre has been on tour with Pop star Lunchmoney Lewis, hip hop star Curren$y, a guest star DJ on 99JAMZ WEDR Miami and worked with many other up and coming local artists in South Florida. He’s been featured in many magazines and prints such as Hip Hop Weekly & the Miami New Times. He has gained a highly professional reputation with others in the music and entertainment industry, and fans of all ages.

No matter what state he’s in or what challenges may come his way, DJ Bre will always be motivated by music. He is a living testament to those younger than him that no matter what field you have a passion for, you’re never too young start chasing your dreams!

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