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Young adults in our generation are often talked down about by elders as being lazy, having no goals, and not being motivated. However, Breghon Wesley, also known as DJ Bre, breaks that stereotype in all ways. Although labeled as a ‘DJ’, Bre holds the determination to become an entrepreneur.

He had a vision of how he wanted his career to take off, and has now turned that vision into reality. DJing at numerous venues, parties and clubs in Miami, Miramar, Carol City, and Hialeah, he has gained a professional reputation to others in the industry, and fans of all ages.

DJ Bre is a Miami native, and began to grow love for music at a young age. His parents would throw house parties often, in which his father’s large CD collection would be used. Growing up around this, Bre was exposed to different genres of music, played the saxophone, and began to relate his life to certain songs. At the age of 14, Bre moved to Atlanta for a year, where his knowledge of music grew by going to teen clubs. He knew what he wanted to hear, and what would make the crowd dance. Watching how DJ AM and other DJs could completely change the mood of a party just by getting on turn tables inspired him. With this in mind and his love for music, he got to work.

At the age of 15, Bre moved back to Miami and received his first mixer and speakers from his uncle. He began creating playlists with songs that he felt could enhance a party, and take music to another level. His main motive for wanting to DJ was simply knowing the fact that he could be the reason why a party went from just okay to amazing.

DJ Bre’s first gig was at White Diamonds on South Beach when he was only 16. Now at the age of 21, you can find him working at places such as K Cafe, Euforia, Café Iguanas, Club Revolution, political events, colleges & high school events across Florida. His goals are to take things to another level and having his own show.

No matter what state he’s in or what challenges may come his way, DJ Bre will always be motivated by music. He has already set examples to those younger than him that no matter what field you have a passion for, you’re never too young to start chasing your dreams.

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      August 31, 2015
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