25 Feb

Social Media Week Miami Recap

My experience with Social Media Week Miami 2013:

I partnered with Wakeupstar and my experience with Social Media Week was pretty cool! I enjoyed running errands and promoting for our events! Setting up posts, tweeting and delegating some of the projects.

As I was doing this, I kept realizing that social media is driving all of this traffic and real life work. It’s crazy!

Social Media is a whole other world. Like there’s only 24 hours in a day and social media will take over your whole day and more!

The Dream Outloud Panel was definitely mad cool. People came out not knowing what to expect from the panel. The panel had some great insights on how social media has affected them. Then the questions got deeper and deeper. Turning into something that could inspire people to dream out loud and use social media to get it done. Getting people together for some good talking is definitely something I want to do more of.

The party at Shots Miami was fun too. Got there and people were already waiting on us. Lol. Set up and vibed out some of my favorite tunes and as the night went on, people got up and danced as they waiting on their shots. That’s always cool. The interactive screen was the feature of the night where people could tag #SMWCream on their social networks and end up on the board. I’ve seen it but being apart of it was nice too. Oh and I had my own shots. The Empire shot came with fire!

Wakeupstar did a great job hosting and Ashley Outrageous showed face too. Hush Cosmetics came and set up their products for the ladies. All my homies, rappers and managers came through too. Overall I had a great time during Social Media Miami 2013 and I can’t wait to be a bigger part of it in 2014. Just one step further to building this EMPIRE! – DJ Bre

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